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Part-time Day and Evening Courses

At Borders College we are delighted to offer Community classes at our main campuses and outreach centres throughout the Scottish Borders. You can study at a venue close to you.

For the latest Part-time Day and Evening Courses please visit the main college website by clicking on this link.

If you would like to email any of our Community and Evening Learning Team please send your email to commclasses@borderscollege.ac.uk

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    About Our College

    About Our College

    At Borders College you will be studying at one of Scotland’s most successful colleges. Each year around 90% of our student’s experience a positive destination, including significant numbers progressing their studies to the next level at college or university and many others using newly acquired skills and knowledge to move straight into employment.

    Whether you are a school leaver, returning to learning or striving to improve your skills and knowledge in the workplace Borders College can help you achieve your goals and realise your potential.

    We offer a wide range of courses from an introductory level through to advanced courses at Higher National and degree level. Courses are available to study full time or part time, during the day or in the evenings.  You can browse all the subjects on offer by visiting the Courses pages of this website or by picking up a prospectus from one of our campuses.

    With our modern Scottish Borders Campus, at Netherdale in Galashiels, home to the majority of our wide range of full-time and part-time courses, our new Campus in Hawick, and the recently refurbished landbased campus at Newtown St Boswells, we ensure that students choosing to study at Borders College will benefit from a first-class learning environment.

    The result of a multi-million pound, groundbreaking project, the Scottish Borders Campus provides a unique learning and teaching environment featuring bespoke practical training areas, a modern, well stocked library and learning resource centre, enhanced IT facilities and bright, spacious student social areas.

    The Scottish Borders Campus also hosts Heriot-Watt University’s world renowned School of Textiles and Design. The College and University have created a centre of educational excellence within the Scottish Borders which enables both College and University students to each benefit from excellent shared facilities whilst still retaining their own distinct identities.

    Our Newtown St Boswells Campus is a well-recognised centre of excellence for Landbased studies, where students on the various courses have access to industry specialists, practical areas and a dedicated learning resource centre. This high quality training facility is helping to meet the needs of an ever changing rural and landbased sector.

    In addition, the main College campuses are supported by a number of community based learning facilities throughout the Borders including our campus in Hawick. They offer specific courses designed to meet the needs of local businesses, their workforce development and to provide educational opportunities to individuals through a wide range of part-time day and evening courses.

      Applying for a CourseApplying for a Course

      Apply Online
      You can apply online, on our main website, once you have selected the course of your choice.

      The College continues to welcome applications for its courses after the March guaranteed interview deadline. Applications received after the 15 March deadline will be processed and applicants invited in to College for interview during May and June for all courses where places remain available.

      Student Admission and Interview Policy and Procedures
      To view our Student Admission and Interview Policy and Procedures please click on this link to visit the main college website

      Personal Statement
      If you’ve already made up your mind and know which course you’d like to do then don’t delay, apply online - you will need a current email address and to have your personal statement prepared.

      The personal statement is your opportunity to tell us about your suitability for the course that you hope to study. You need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment.

      Explain why you want to study the course. Mention your hobbies and other special interests, any interests related to your chosen course, your skills, aptitudes and personal qualities, your future career aims, previous employment and relevant experience. Try to link them to the skills and experience required for the course.

      If you feel that you have had little formal work experience, try to think of things you have done in your personal life that you could use for example.

      • Have you helped organise any events?
      • Done anything for charity or voluntary work?
      • Babysat?
      • Had a paper round?

      Put these down in your statement and try to think what relevant skills you needed to do these things.

      Personal statements are used to select candidates for interview for some courses and are discussed with you at interview, so be prepared to answer questions on it.

      This may be your only written work that the course tutor sees before making a decision - make sure it is organised and well worded. Get the grammar, spelling and punctuation right. A statement filled with errors will give a negative impression of your skills and the effort you have put in to being accepted.

      Your statement must be written in English, even if English is not your first language.

      The personal statement is important in the selection process and should be carefully considered before submission. It should be between 250 and 300 words in length.

      For Further Help and Guidance or Paper Applications
      Please contact the Student Advice Centre on 01896 662516 or email: enquiries@borderscollege.ac.uk


        Business Development Unit (BDU)

        The Business Development Unit (formerly BC Consultants) is a single point of contact providing practical help and advice for employers to enable them to develop the skills of their employees.

        The major strength of the Unit is in the team of industry specialists who work with organisations to identify the most appropriate learning route for employees and offer a full range of interventions from short courses to certificated work based learning.

        We develop bespoke training solutions with our customers to ensure we deliver the training required to assist in business growth and product development.

        The BDU also has its own website: bdu.borderscollege.ac.uk

          College switchboard
          08700 50 51 52

          Student Advice Centre
          01896 662516
          e: enquiries@borderscollege.ac.uk

          Student Association
          01896 662680
          e: bcsa@borderscollege.ac.uk

          The Restaurant
          01896 662588
          e: reservations@borderscollege.ac.uk

          The Salon
          01896 662 643

          The Library
          01896 892185
          e: SBCServiceDesk@hw.ac.uk

            Full Time Course Listing

            Art and Design

            • Art and Design - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma FT
            • Art and Design - BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma FT
            • Visual Communications (Graphic Design) - HNC FT
            • Visual Communications (Graphic Design) - HND FT

            Beauty and Hairdressing

            • Beauty Therapy - City and Guilds Level I FT
            • Beauty Therapy - City and Guilds Level II FT
            • Beauty Therapy - City and Guilds Level III FT
            • Hairdressing - City and Guild Level II FT
            • Hairdressing - City and Guild Level III FT
            • Hairdressing - City and Guild Level l FT
            • Hairdressing - HNC FT

            Business and Computing

            • Administration and Information Technology - HNC FT
            • Administration and Tourism - NC FT
            • Administration and Tourism - NC PT
            • Borders Business Programme BA Business Management FT
            • Borders Business Programme BA Business Management PT
            • Business Administration and Information Technology - An Introduction FT
            • Business Administration and Information Technology - An Introduction PT
            • Business Management - NC FT
            • Business Management - NC PT
            • Digital Media Computing - NC FT
            • Information Technology In Business - PDA
            • Interactive Media - HNC FT
            • Office Administration - PDA

            Care and Education

            • Access to Nursing FT
            • Birth to Three Years: Physical and Mental Health Well being PT
            • Child, Health and Social Care - Level 1 FT
            • Child, Health and Social Care - Level 2 FT
            • Childhood Practice - PDA PT
            • Counselling - HNC PT1
            • Counselling Skills - COSCA Certificate PT
            • Early Education and Childcare - HNC FT
            • Early Education and Childcare - HNC PT1
            • Early Education and Childcare - NC FT
            • Education Support Assistance - PDA PT
            • Education Support Assistance - PDA PT1
            • Health Care - Higher FT
            • Health Care - HNC FT
            • HNC Social Care - PT2
            • PDA in Dyslexia
            • Preparation for a Career in Care - NC/NQ FT
            • Prepare to Care - Galashiels PT
            • Prepare to Care - Hawick PT
            • Social Care - Higher FT
            • Social Care - HNC FT
            • Social Care - HNC PT1

            Catering and Hospitality

            • Catering: Food Preparation and Cookery City and Guilds Level II FT
            • Catering: Professional Cookery - City and Guilds Level III FT
            • Hospitality Services - City and Guilds Level I FT


            • Brickwork - Advanced Craft PT
            • Brickwork - National Progression Award in Construction FT
            • Brickwork - SVQ Level III PT1
            • Brickwork - SVQ Level III PT2
            • Built Environment - NC FT
            • Carpentry and Joinery - Advanced Craft PT
            • Carpentry and Joinery - City and Guilds Level I FT
            • Carpentry and Joinery - National Progression Award in Construction FT
            • Carpentry and Joinery - SVQ III PT1
            • Carpentry and Joinery - SVQ III PT2
            • Construction - HNC FT
            • Construction - HNC PT
            • Electrical - National Progression Award in Construction FT
            • Electrical Installation - SVQ III BR2
            • Electrical Installation - SVQ III BR3
            • NC Carpentry and Joinery - CITB BR1 - SVQ III
            • NC Plumbing - FT2 - Grp A
            • NC Plumbing - SVQ III - DR3
            • Painting and Decorating - National Progression Award in Construction FT
            • Painting and Decorating - SVQ III BR1
            • Painting and Decorating - SVQ III BR2
            • Plumbing - National Progression Award in Construction FT
            • Plumbing - SVQ III PT1

            Landbased Industries

            • Agriculture - Level I Award and Diploma in Work-based Agriculture FT
            • Agriculture - SVQ II FT
            • Agriculture - SVQ II PT1
            • Landbased Industries - An Introduction FT
            • MA Agriculture SVQ2/3 - WBU Year 2 Flexi
            • Mixed Farming - Modern Apprenticeship SVQ III YR1
            • Mixed Farming - SVQ III PT1
            • Rural Mechanics - NC FT
            • SVQ II Agriculture - DR
            • SVQ III Mixed Farming - DR


            • Gamekeeping - Modern Apprenticeship SVQ II
            • Gamekeeping - Modern Apprenticeship SVQ III
            • Gamekeeping - NC FT
            • Gamekeeping with Wildlife Management - HNC FT
            • SVQ II Gamekeeping - BR

            Horse and Animal Care

            • Animal Care - BTEC Level 3 Certificate and Diploma FT
            • Animal Care BTEC Level 2 FT
            • Horse Care - SVQ I FT
            • Horse Care - SVQ I PT1
            • Horse Care - SVQ II FT
            • Horse Care - SVQ II PT1
            • Horse Care - SVQ III PT
            • SVQ Horse Care - Level 1 - Yr 2 - PT
            • SVQ Horse Care - Level 2 - Yr 2 -PT
            • SVQ Horse Care - Level 3 - Flexi
            • SVQ Horse Care - Level 3 - Yr 2 PT

            Horticulture and Landscaping

            • Amenity Horticulture - SVQ I FT
            • Amenity Horticulture - SVQ II FT
            • Amenity Horticulture - SVQ II PT1
            • Amenity Horticulture - SVQ III PT1
            • Landscaping - SVQ 1 FT
            • Landscaping - SVQ II FT
            • Landscaping - SVQ II PT1
            • Landscaping - SVQ III PT1
            • SVQ II Landscaping - PT YR 2
            • SVQ III Amenity Horticulture - PT YR2

            Motor Vehicle

            • Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair - City & Guilds SVQ III DR1
            • NC Motor Vehicle - DR3 - Incorporating SVQ III
            • Vehicle Maintenance - City and Guilds Certificate FT
            • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2 FT

            Preparation for Entry to the Army

            • Preparation for the Army NC FT

            Sports and Exercise

            • Football - BTEC Level 2 Diploma FT
            • Mountain Biking - BTEC Level 2 Diploma FT
            • Rugby - BTEC Level 2 Diploma FT
            • Sport - BTEC Level 3 Diploma ( Sport and Exercise ) OR (Performance and Excellence) FT
            • Sport - HNC FT
            • Sport & Exercise - BTEC Level 2 Diploma FT

            Supported Programmes

            • Head Injuries Trust for Scotland PT
            • Learning Opportunities PT
            • Lifelink - Schools Link PT
            • Workwise - NC FT1
            • Workwise - NC FT2
            • Workwise - Schools Link PT
            • Workwise - Schools Link 10 days
            • Workwise Preparation - NC FT

            Full course information can be found on our main college website.

              Equality, diversity and inclusion

              We believe that the important building blocks for a successful college and successful students are mutual respect, commitment, and a strong sense of community where all individuals, no matter what their background, have an opportunity to develop and improve.  We welcomed the  duties placed upon us by the Equality Act to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation, to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people who are more likely to experience discrimination and those who are not as a positive step forward.

              We consulted our staff, students and our local community on what is important in meeting our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and as a consequence and as a consequence will plan and work to achieve the following equality outcomes:

              • Learners from all backgrounds achieve high levels of success
              • Learners are treated with dignity and respect and their views help shape and improve our services
              • Learners are prepared for life, work and to be responsible citizens
              • Staff feel valued and have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills and to progress in their careers
              • The college community is at least representative of the local community and offers a model of good practice in the promotion of opportunities for individuals with protected characteristics
              • Users of our facilities and services can access them easily

              We recognise the benefits that we get from having a diverse community of staff and learners in the College and oppose all unfair forms of discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or social background.

              We provide a supportive environment with many specialist services to meet learners’ needs.

              For full details of how we meet Equality, diversity and inclusion please visit the main college website by clicking this link.

                Find a Campus


                Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE

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                Borders College, Buccleuch Rd, Hawick, Scottish Borders TD9 0E9

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                Newtown St Boswells

                Borders College, Newtown St Boswells, Scottish Borders TD6 0PL

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                Business Development Unit - Galashiels
                Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE
Telephone: +44 (0)8700 50 51 52

                Business Development Unit - Edinburgh
                Newington Business Centre, 2 Dalkeith Road Mews, Edinburgh, EH16 5GA
                Telephone: +44 (0)131 667 5345

                Jedburgh Community Learning Facility
                Borders College, 6 Market Place, Jedburgh TD8 6AP
                Telephone: +44 (0)8700 50 51 52


                Borders College, Scottish Borders Campus, Nether Road, Galashiels, TD1 3HE

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                  Borders College, ‪Buccleuch Rd‬, ‪Hawick, Scottish Borders TD9 0EH‬

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                    Newtown St Boswells

                    Borders College, ‪Newtown St Boswells, Scottish Borders TD6 0PL‬

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                      Student Association

                      What is the Students Association?
                      BCSA is run for students by students. Its executive team leads in the organisation of a variety of activities and events to encourage students to try new experiences and meet new people, giving them the wider experience of College life while increasing their learning.

                      Class Representatives provide the main link for information from classes, through Faculty Council meetings to the Student Representative Council and on to several College committees.

                      Our mascot, Tartan Monkey, will be present at various events and his image appears on various items such as pens, key rings and car window stickers.

                      How can you get involved?
                      You can get involved in developing various events around social, welfare and wellbeing activities.
                      Alternatively, we would be delighted to support anyone who would like to set up a new club or group.

                      How to contact BCSA
                      You can contact us via email at bcsa@borderscollege.ac.uk, phone on 01896 662680 or call into the office in Room 0.062 in the stairwell of the Tower at Scottish Borders Campus. We will also make visits to Hawick and Newtown Campuses.

                      Tartan Monkey website: www.tartanmonkey.co.uk

                        Students with additional support needs

                        The College recognises that sometimes people have particular issues that make it harder for them to learn or develop new skills. These may be due to particular health problems, a sensory impairment, a mobility issue or a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, for example. We welcome applications from all people regardless of circumstances and would wish for you tell us as early as possible if you think there is something that may create an extra barrier to you achieving your learning goals. We will discuss these issues with you and will make any reasonable adjustment or provide specific support services that will support you in being successful in your application and future studies. We are proud of the achievements of our students and are aware that the support that we provide to you if you face additional challenges in studying at college will help you to have an equal chance of success.

                        If you wish to contact about a specific issue for which you may need advice or support please contact the Student Advice Centre. Telephone: 01896 662506 or email: studentwelfare@borderscollege.ac.uk.

                        All of our Campuses have modern facilities that are easily accessible. However, we are always happy to receive feedback on how access can be improved. We are also interested in ideas as to how we could improve the quality of our support services. If you have an idea on how our services can be improved please contact David Killean email: dkillean@borderscollege.ac.uk who is the Vice Principal responsible.

                          Preparing for your college InterviewPreparing for your college Interview

                          When you’re offered an interview at College, you may feel nervous before the interview. Doing some preparation beforehand will help you increase your confidence. Always remember the purpose of the interview is for the interviewer to learn about you, and for you to find out about the College

                          Get yourself organised

                          • Make sure you know where Borders College is, which campus your interview will be in and how long it will take you to get there.
                          • Prepare your portfolio of work, exam certificates, record of achievements etc. ready to take with you.
                          • Check the course information and read through your personal statement. Think about what questions an interviewer might ask and come up with some replies.
                          • Think about what questions you would like to ask about the course.
                          • Selling yourself rarely comes naturally but is a critical skill that needs developing over time. Use every opportunity you can to build these skills, get parents and friends to ask you interview questions.
                          • Contact us beforehand if you require any additional support at your interview. Telephone 01896 662516.
                          • Try and ensure you get enough rest so you are fresh and alert on the day.

                          On the day

                          Be on time. Set off in plenty of time, to arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview time. This gives you time before the interview to gather your thoughts and freshen up and gives you a little extra time for any unforeseen minor delays on the way.

                          • If you are going to be late or can’t make your interview call the College - Tel: 01896 662516 – they will appreciate it!
                          • Make sure you’re smart, clean and tidy. Looking smart shows you have made an effort to give a good impression.
                          • Put forward a positive image.

                          Always Remember

                          You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

                          At the Interview

                          • Always treat your interviewer with courtesy and manners. Make eye contact, it shows you’re listening. If more than one person is interviewing you, make sure you are looking at the person asking that question. Don’t fidget or slouch.
                          • The Interviewer will want you to talk about yourself, your career ideas, your interests and hobbies, what you are doing currently e.g. school subjects, current employment, past employment or work experience.
                          • Listen to the interview questions carefully. If you don’t understand a question, ask for it to be repeated. Try to avoid yes and no answers – give as much information as you can.
                          • Act naturally, don’t exaggerate, answer questions honestly and frankly, but do make sure the interviewer is aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
                          • At the end of the interview thank the interviewer for their time.

                          Sell yourself at the interview

                          Finally, don’t worry about being nervous. It’s only natural, and the interviewer will expect it.

                          Further Help and Guidance

                          For further help and guidance, please contact: Student Advice Centre on 01896 662516 or email: enquiries@borderscollege.ac.uk.